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Testing a maybe with machine learning.

“I figured it was just a jumbo jet.”

My son and I shake our heads & then adopt blank stares as if a non-body-snatcher has been
exposed in our midst.
“Twin engine,” I utter, as I glance skyward again.
“Single decker” My son adds as an explanation.
“It’s a plane”, she retorts, rolling her eyes.
My wife, (who is far smarter than myself) lacks my son and I’s ability to recognise aircraft. She has the typical persons ability to recognise aeroplanes. I grew up around airforce bases. I had a father who was an aircraft engineer. Years of exposure and explanations regarding aeroplanes, their mechanics and features.

My son is an avid flight sim game player and has consumed many hours of relevant youtube material on the subject. He also had the luck/misfortune of me discussing the planes that frequent the skies, above us here, near London.
Given our combined experience & expertise, we probably have a reasonable ability to recognise the make & model of the planes we see in the sky. I would h…